Create New Screen

The Screens feature allows users to create their own customized split visualization screen by combining up to 4 resources chosen from any of the workspaces. Each of the 4 areas use it’s own proxy and this function is particularly useful when you need to monitor the same website using different accounts from different countries.

  1. In the Screen Editor, click the [+] button by the Screen Editor title.


  2. Add New Screen dialog appear. Provide the screen name and click [OK] button.


    ★ Cancel - to cancel creation action;
    ★ Name - specify the screen name. The screen name can be up to 25 characters long. screens cannot be created with the already existing names in the screen card list.
    ★ No Image - no image for the screen card.
    ★ Display Mosaic - display mosaic images of Workspaces regarding added resources in the screen.
    ★ Custom Image - set custom image for the screen card.

  3. Screen created successfully.


Last time modified: 25-09-2022